About Us

Benaras originated, to share and reminisce the stories of the rich Indian subcontinent, its colorful history imbibed in its many layers of vibrant craft culture and to capture the mystique and antiquity, surrounding it.
India has had a culturally diverse, ancient heritage of craft skills, Its journey, resembling the progress of a river, from the mountains to the ocean, meandering, picking up material, depositing some, changing course, diversifying into other streams, disappearing underground to surface somewhere else, yet the traditions continue forever.
The skill of the artisan at his craft, is acquired over generations and yet with each new creation made by his hands, he spends time and his heart, imbuing it with a spirit of its own, until the creation is, in itself eternal.
Kashi, as Benaras was called in the rig ved, was the 'city of light', older than history, it is from here that Benaras draws its inspiration, as a lifestyle, that understands the significance of time, in today's fast paced world and believes in slow, conscious living, a sustainable way of life. 
Drawing from vedic philosophy, the yogic concept of slower breaths directly relating it to a longer, fuller life.

To re introduce our rich cultural heritage as sustainable luxury

Sell handcrafted handmade - To promote craft and craftsmen, to uplift them

See Beyond the artifact Tell the tales, traditions and process associated with the craft, a part of history being carried forward with the craft

Research and Archive Archive craft processes and techniques and work on making the process better

To Co-create,Highlight utility and malleability of craft to create contemporary artifacts ,help the artisan create modern day relevant designs, a combination of contemporary and ethnic

Innovate collaborate with creative agencies, to work with the artisan, from the grass root level, to create products that are practical, beautiful and environment friendly,

To promote sustainable practices and  highlight the circular design aspect of indian crafts