Naga 12 string beaded

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Handmade by the Naga's, a tribal group of northeast india, the beads are made by natural colors and materials found locally in the area. In the Naga tradition, beaded necklaces were very popular as a show of finery but also as a portable means of displaying and carrying wealth. The components that went into making necklaces were regarded as currency items themselves. Beads and necklaces were accumulated as heirlooms and were passed as dowries. These necklaces are cultural artefacts. They are also sustainable items made of natural materials by highly skilled artisans that have been practicing their craft since generations.

MATERIAL -  Glass beads, bone, brass, handspun thread

CRAFT - The Naga tribes's traditional jewellery made by hand


Each Benaras necklace is made by hand, aiming at minimal wastage of resources, hence, minimal production to avoid carbon footprint. Subtle variations in design and colour may occur due to handcrafted technique. No two pieces are identical making yours one-of-a-kind